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These works, printed as Fine Art prints, by Alessandro Risuleo are characterized by their originality, the exclusivity of their message, and their strong aesthetic component.
Each photograph is produced as a unique piece unto itself, and every attempt made to maintain the exclusivity of each work, even in such a digital age where any image can easily be reproduced and shared. To achieve this, the artist focuses on 2 specific factors:
  • Meticulous control over the printing process.
  • The final display of the work, executed using a patented system.
Every stage of this process is carefully supervised, guaranteeing a product of utmost quality, which is certified and countersigned. Only 10 copies of each photograph have been printed, and of certain exclusive pieces only 3 copies have been made. Each print is individually signed by the artist.
The works may be purchased directly by contacting the author through the website, thereby assuring an exclusive and confidential deal.


To ensure authenticity and exclusivity, each original work is labeled, signed and accompanied by documents of ownership. This documentation is fundamental as it guarantees the originality and distinctiveness of each work.
Art galleries interested in joining the photographic exhibition circuit can contact the artist directly via email:


As was previously mentioned, the way the works are displayed is a fundamental aspect of the process, as it highlights the value of the individual pieces. Each single photo is printed on Fuji Crystal DP paper using a Lambda Durst laser printer, then subsequently developed using a photochemical process, giving the image a flawless sharpness and a brilliance of colour to lasts for at least 75 years. The print is then mounted on a DIBOND aluminium base and sealed under bright acrylic glass. This gives the image extra depth and even greater expressive force. DIBOND aluminium has been proven to be extremely stable and of particularly superior quality. The clarity of the image is accentuated further by the glass as it enhances its luminosity and depth. There are therefore many aesthetic advantages in the use of this sort of glass. Acrylic is also significantly lighter and much more resistant than traditional glass, and provides a natural filter from UV lights, thus protecting the colours from fading. Lastly, the metal guide running along the rear of the panel make it easy to hang any of the photos safely and correctly, regardless of their size and weight.


To be sure you are buying an original product follow these simple steps:
  1. Check for labeling: On the back of each piece is a label that lists the title, code, year, print description, size, print number, and bears the artist’s original signature.
  2. Make sure there is documentation: Each piece come with its own documentation that is usually attached to the back of the work. This includes:
    1. The Certificate of Authenticity (COA) of limited edition art work.
    2. The Certificate of Quality.
    Both documents are printed on white paper with a silkscreen logo and band, an embossed dry stamp, and an original signature.
  3. The print must be a guaranteed "Fine Art” print. This is determined either through a specific tag attached to the back of the print or from the exhibition as described here.
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