helps us to perceive what happens around us.


I’ve thought that in each of our lives things happen because we are the ones to make them happen.


your mind to think, as our eyes gaze upon the horizon.


that may seem insignificant, the truth lies.


previously i thought there was nothing, now my curiosity grows.


colour make me ponder.


and darkness invite me to search.


ideas and the image will form.

Born in Rome in 1971, following scientific studies, he immediately became interested in the systems of visual communication, but also interested in using visual imagery for promotional purposes. Then, after more than 20 years of experience as an art director and advertiser, developed within his own agency Visual Creative Studio, Alessandro discovered photography as a medium of artistic expression that allows him to break the boundaries imposed by commercial advertising. The expressiveness of the naked body. The use of lighting and shadows, are the main characteristics of the artist. The images vary from an almost pictorial abstraction, to hyper realism. In his works, linear narratives or briefly mentioned stories may be found. But in the artist's images a common feature is clearly visible; a continuous play where the audience is the main protagonist with its subjectivity. A flawless photographic technique and a masterful use of lighting mixed with digital processing, are the ingredients which make Alessandro Risuleo's work so unique and incisive.

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